Brand Identity

Many agencies will try and take the concept of brand identity and turn into almost the Holy Grail of Marketing. They will tell you that Brand Identity is something so elusive that they will delve into the very depths of your soul and interrogate your clients to, in the end, present back pretty much what you always knew (in a very nicely bound document, of course)…

Getting back to the simple way of doing things, we believe that your Brand Identity is your company’s personality and that’s what drives all the elements of your marketing and communication strategies. At PURE, we present clients with solutions and tangible products, not just our findings and we don’t change for consultancy time either so we promise not to trap you indeterminably round the boardroom table, armed with flipcharts, post-it notes and annoying buzz words. We like to know you want, and then get on with it.

Don’t misunderstand us, Brand Identity is fundamentally important, but not as complex and nebulous as some might try to lead you to believe. Oh, and if you would like us to trap you round the boardroom table, we can also offer some very nice sandwiches – and post-it notes – and multimedia presentation facilities too, for that matter.


Branding – The Original Breton Shirt Company

Hot off the press – a re-brand of The Original Breton Shirt Co. As part of a larger project we have given the branding a little update. We are currently a few days away from launching their new eCommerce website.
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Vehicle Livery Design – Apollo Blinds

Apollo Blinds run a fleet of around 20 vans and they asked us to bring them to life. Every van has a different image (shot in our photographic studio) on the rear and they look great when they are all parked together! An eye-catching piece of mobile advertising…
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Branding Logo Design – German Auto Care

Local company German Auto Care asked us to re-design their brand identity prior to a move into multi million pound premises near PURE headquarters…
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Packaging Design – Fantastak

Here is a full range of packaging created for Fantastak. The project started with development of the Sticky Dots brand, this then very quickly moved on to Foam Pads, Glue Tapes, Sticky Fixers etc to a range of over 50 products! As you can see the colourful, eye-catching packaging really stands out on any store fixture! Packs range from folded card to blister packs…
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Branding – Essential Healthcare

Essential Healthcare is a franchise operation that need a total brand rejuvenation!
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Re-brand – Armstrong Ward

Another ‘hot-off-the-press’ job! We are working through a large re-brand of everything, news identity, shop branding, website, email marketing etc A great project to work on! Armstrong Ward are a large ‘Lifestore’ in the Lake District but sell online all over the world…
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Branding – Bed Ted – Love One Give One

As part of a re-branding exercise we have developed a new identity for Bed Ted to go across the product range. The concept is that for every blanket purchased another blanket is sent to a needy child somewhere else in the world…
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Rebrand – Lindam

We recently carried out a full rebrand of Lindam Child Safety Products. Here is the finalised version of the logo and a few snippets from the brand guidelines.
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Branding – Via Herbal

Another creation from our design department! A new identity for ViaHerbal.
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Branding – Fuse

Hot off the press! A new identity created for interior design / architecture practice Fuse.
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