Email marketing & eShots

Marketing costs can come down massively when you invest in some strategic e-marketing campaigns to run alongside traditional marketing mechanisms such as direct mail, telemarketing and advertising. Most companies will want to have a mix of marketing materials at their disposal and we see emarketing materials as pretty much essential implements to have in your toolkit.

An e-mailshot can reach hundreds of people in seconds, delivering your message straight to somebody’s desktop. Compare that with postage costs and all of a sudden your cost per ‘hit’ becomes almost negligible. However, don’t limit yourself to just sending out boring sales messages, include genuinely news-worthy newsletters, educational bulletins and all of a sudden people will look forward to receiving one of your e-mails.

Beware the spam! We hate it just as much as you do and that’s why PURE can work with you to draw up a list of targeted e-mail addresses, whether that be from your own prospect/customer database or working with a third party data house to buy in the correct addresses to suit your customer profile.

We will also deal with the actual distribution ie the sending out of your e-mail campaigns, and manage unsubscribes too to ensure compliance with data protection.


Email Marketing – Armstrong Ward

As part of a broad marketing strategy for lifestyle brand Armstrong Ward we design, build and broadcast regular eShots to their database of loyal customers! Here are just a few clips of emails sent over the last few seasons. Some promote events, while others highlight sales and offers.
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The Original Breton Shirt Co. – Magento eCommerce Site

A fun project for The Original Breton Shirt Company. We had a clean slate for this project so started work on a re-brand straight away then moved on to studio photography, Magento eCommerce shop site design and build, eMarketing, Social Media marketing and so on!
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The Original Breton Shirt Co. – Email Marketing Campaign

To promote the launch of the new Breton Shirt Magento eCommerce website we have embarked on a series of campaigns to drive new traffic. Email marketing including a series of offer based eShots have been developed that use promotional offer codes built into the site.
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Email Marketing – Fuse

Here is a nice example of Email marketing – we regularly produce newsletters for various companies – a great way of keeping your brand in front of people for minimum outlay! Whether it’s an informative newsletter or an offer driven message they really a great way to drive traffic to your site or to pick up the phone!
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Online Game – Sovereign Health Care

To support Sovereign Health Cares sponsorship of the Bradford Bulls we created this online game. The idea is to kick as many goals as possible while the wind gets stronger and the angle gets more difficult – strangely addictive once you try it! And a great way of picking up new customer data virally…
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eShot Design and Broadcast – Armstrong Ward

As part of a regular monthly marketing strategy with Armstrong Ward we produce regular email adverts – here is a sample of a recent one.
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Web design – ITV Sport

ITV Sport asked us to design a football based website for their children’s TV channel CITV.
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Web design – Together Drinks

We created the Together branding from a blank sheet of paper. The project included packaging, advertising, promotional items and this very funky e-commerce website.
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