TV Advertising

Clients are sometimes surprised when they find out just how affordable our TV advert production can be. With the HD TV and video production facilities within our studio, we can handle advert storyboarding, scripting, filming, voiceover, editing and post production, even supplying the broadcast format advert to the TV channels in readiness for the booked advertising slot. Clients sometimes use one or more of our TV advert production skills in isolation or equally we can handle the complete process from ideas through to broadcast.

As well as filming within our studio, we can also film TV adverts on location. Whether you come to us with a storyboard of how you’d like your TV advert to run, or a completely blank canvas about how to make the most of the powerful visual medium of television, we’d be pleased to share our ideas and experience with you.

We have extensive experience of DRTV (direct response TV) advertising, so if it’s a strong call to action that you need to make people want to find out more about your product, PURE can tell you what’s worked for our other clients. Alternatively, if you’d like more intrigue surrounding your brand, we will tailor our approach to suit.

TV advertising can change your business, but if handled incorrectly, it can be an expensive mistake. Engage your audience with great TV advert production.


TV Commercial – Johnson’s Cleaners

Our video production department have been busy this month producing a new television advert for Johnson’s Dry Cleaner – to be aired throughout October across a wide range of channels.
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Bathroom Set Photography & TV Commercial

Here is a sneak preview of this weeks studio sets at PURE. We are currently working on a new range of bathroom photography for Frontline Bathrooms. While the sets are up in the studio we’re also shooting a TV commercial for 2012 broadcast.
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TV Commercial Production – Apollo Blinds

Our latest TV commercial is ‘in the can!’ Well its in the Channel 4 library waiting for its first airing! (20th May – 9.30am during Cash in the Attic!) All the sets were built in one of our studios then all the footage was shot over 3 separate days.
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TV Commercial – Apollo Blinds

It’s been a busy few weeks in studio one recently. Our video production team are busy shooting a TV commercial for Apollo Blinds. The shoot is carefully planned around several weeks of still photography that will be going into the latest collection books (as seen on the monitors of serveral of our designers up in the design office!).
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