Corporate Identity

Developing a strong Corporate Identity doesn’t happen overnight. Your Corporate Identity is something which should be as unique as a fingerprint – a signature which carries itself across all of your marketing materials. It’s not just a logo, it’s a flexible toolkit which is constantly by your side to deliver consistency and clarity in every aspect of your internal and external communications.

When PURE works with a client to create a Corporate Identity we will talk through our rationale behind the designs, and demonstrate its versatility. For any company who is looking to standardise the way it presents itself to the world, a robust Corporate Identity is an absolute must-have.

We can also transfer your Corporate Identity across signage for your premises and vehicle livery too, so whether you’re in the office, or out on the road, your branding is being seen and heard.

You can’t just like your Corporate ID. You’ve got to LOVE it!


Corporate Re-brand – Tachodisc

Tachodisc asked us to carry out a full re-brand to update the messaging across all media. Here you can see the transformation from old to new. The updated identity reflected their transformation from a paper based company to being a …
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Corporate Guidelines – Mintex Brakes

Every global brand needs a comprehensive set of corporate guidelines. Here is a set we have produced for brake manufacturer Mintex Brakes. With literature, packaging and websites panning many language variants the brand guidelines ensure that the global brand integrity is kept inline with the expectations of a brand leader.
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Brand Identity – Apollo Blinds

Apollo Blinds is a brand very close to our hearts! We’ve been working on this brand for over 6 years now and have evolved the identity over that period.
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Brand Identity – Aaztec Furniture

We work with Aaztec across a variety of their brands. This is the latest Furniture brand that sits alongside the Aaztec portfolio of businesses.
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Brand Identity – Armstrong Ward

We’ve been working with Armstrong Ward since their conception so it’s been great to work with a clean slate! 7 years on the brand has evolved strongly helped with the strong e-commerce website, regular e-marketing and advertising that we produce…

Brand Identity – Sovereign Healthcare

Sovereign Healthcare have been around since 1873 so we were very excited when they asked us to overhaul their branding.
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Brand Identity – Happidog

Provimi asked us to rebrand their Happidog Brand of Dog Food. The original logo was over 20 years old so it was a great opportunity to relaunch an interesting brand.
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