Roomset Photography

Whatever kind of room or backdrop you’d like, we can build it for you in our studio. Whether it’s a bathroom, loft apartment, office or even a Granny’s living room, it’s amazing what careful propping, lighting and furnishings can achieve.

We have enough studio space to house multiple roomsets, which enables us to get through large photography jobs with very little downtime for taking down and putting up of sets. Feel free to provide your own props, or we can source them for you.


Studio Photography – Aquadart Bathrooms

Today’s activity in studio one has seen a nice simple shower set constructed and photographed in the same day…
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Studio Room Set – Hotel Furniture

We produce regular catalogues for hotel furniture manufacturer YTM Furniture.
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Brochure Design – Royce Morgan

Royce Morgan produce a range of fantastic freestanding baths. We created a series of brochures for the different ranges.
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