Logo Design

Professional, simple and memorable. Three qualities shared by every logo we design.

We all know which logos work, think Coca-Cola and you think red, see the Golden Arches and you feel hungry (or not, as the case may be…). Swoosh has become Nike. These are images which are so embedded in our thought processes that they have taken brand recognition across languages, cultures and continents to build a global brand.

A logo design should be a snapshot which triggers a train of thought which can only lead to one place and that’s you.


Branding – Via Herbal

Another creation from our design department! A new identity for ViaHerbal.
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Branding – Fuse

Hot off the press! A new identity created for interior design / architecture practice Fuse.
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Logo and Packaging – Together Health Drinks

It was fantastic to work with Together Drinks on this project. Here is the original branding by PURE – we then went on to roll it out across the packaging, website, advertising and promotional literature…
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Brand Identity – Apollo Blinds

Apollo Blinds is a brand very close to our hearts! We’ve been working on this brand for over 6 years now and have evolved the identity over that period.
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Brand Identity – Aaztec Furniture

We work with Aaztec across a variety of their brands. This is the latest Furniture brand that sits alongside the Aaztec portfolio of businesses.
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Brand Identity – Armstrong Ward

We’ve been working with Armstrong Ward since their conception so it’s been great to work with a clean slate! 7 years on the brand has evolved strongly helped with the strong e-commerce website, regular e-marketing and advertising that we produce…

Brand / Logo refresh – Jump

Jump asked us to refresh their branding – not a complete overhaul – just an evolution of a successful recognisable identity…
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Brand Identity – Aquadart

We created the Aquadart brand from scratch – establishing it as a high end bathroom manufacturer.
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Brand Identity – Sovereign Healthcare

Sovereign Healthcare have been around since 1873 so we were very excited when they asked us to overhaul their branding.
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Brand Identity – Happidog

Provimi asked us to rebrand their Happidog Brand of Dog Food. The original logo was over 20 years old so it was a great opportunity to relaunch an interesting brand.
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