Fashion / Lifestyle Photography

When we’re working on a fashion shoot, styling and setting takes on a new importance in creating the stage to show clothing at its best. We work hard to capture the spirit of a garment or the look and feel of a lifestyle and produce images which conjure up an atmosphere, as well as being colour correct and show the detail which makes the difference.

We can also provide hair and make-up styling, as well as a choice of models for studio and location work.


Studio Bathroom Photography – Mira Showers

Here are some shots from a recent studio shoot for Mira showers. The set was built with still photography and video in mind. The set also had to have full running water to capture action images with the models.
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Kids Lifestyle Photography – Munchkin

Here are a few shots from a recent studio shoot for US based client Munchkin. We had a various models in for the shoot as well as some small studio still life shots to do… A nice bright fun shoot!
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Roomset Photography – A W Hainsworth

Here we have a small selection of a large shoot we did recently for the launch of a new brand of blankets for A W Hainsworth. A week long shoot consisted of 5 set designs in studio one at PURE in Leeds.
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Room Set Photography – Amo Blinds

Here we have a selection of studio room set shots from a collection we shot recently for AMO Blinds. All of these shots we set up in one of our in house photographic studios.
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Room Set Photography – Amo Blinds Bedroom

Another shot from the Amo Blinds series – this time a girls bedroom, nice colourful decor with a bright airy feel! Funky painted floor boards and wall graphics… Again this shot will be going in the new product selector books coming soon!
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Room Set Photography – Amo Blinds Bathroom

Its blinds season again at PURE! We are in the middle of a shoot for Amo Blinds, part of the Hunter Douglas Group. Here is a bathroom scene set up in studio 1 here at PURE. The keen eyed amongst you will spot that these are the same sets we built for Amo last year re-decorated, re-propped etc for the latest shoot.
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Model Photography – Bathroom Brochure

Here are some model shots that were set up in studio 2 at PURE. We set up a hot running shower to get some lively action shots for the cover of a bathroom brochure we produced.
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Model Photography

Here are some great shots from one of our studios this week. We had a room set bathroom scene built and drafted in a model…
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Kitchen Photography – Drew Forsyth Part II

Another location for a Drew Forsyth Kitchen shoot. Photographed using available light plus a bit of flash fill in to create a nice country cottage feel.
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